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Stellar Place: Inspired environment for young upper middle income families in QC

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Updated May 27, 2011 12:00 AM

Stellar Place Philstar 052711
Family-oriented developments have emerged in the property scene as ideal properties for homebuyers.

MANILA, Philippines - Family-oriented developments have emerged in the property scene as ideal properties for homebuyers. Aside from start-up couples and full nesters, these projects also attract upwardly-mobile single professionals whose eventual plans include settling down and raising a family. As nourishing communities, these developments encourage the cultivation of a balanced well-being and a wholesome lifestyle that are a refreshing alternative to high-end residences that cater more to the investor market.

Among the developments that promise such benefits of a family-oriented residential condominium village is Stellar Place – the latest project in Quezon City by DMCI Homes which has crafted a reputation in the industry as “pioneers in genuine, resort-inspired daily living.”

Set to rise along the vibrant district of Visayas Avenue in Quezon City, Stellar Place will offer resort-like amenities and innovative community solutions through DMCI Homes’ trademark garden atriums and single-loaded building configuration, and property management services.

This project is especially designed with young upper-middle income families in mind, presenting them with elegant and inviting community features in a community enclave that is within close proximity to their place of interests.

As end-users and upgraders from Quezon City and to some extent, CAMANAVA, Stellar Place will be an ideal home setting for young couples and start up families who have just been renting or living with their parents. A condo unit at Stellar Place will be a fitting product for this market, now that they are intent on finally purchasing their own home.

This segment of the market is known to occasionally spend for their interests and the things that they value, but they are still for the most part, practical and discerning when it comes to their finances.  Passionate, career-driven, yet family-oriented individuals, they value quality time spent with family and friends. They are hard-working individuals who know the importance of having a home near their place of work, study and leisure in order to allot more time to doing the things that they value most.

Their improved status in life is confirmed by their increased purchasing power, which is reflected by the fact that they can now finally afford a condo home. They also aspire to upgrade to an exclusive and secured residential community which is near their primary homes, where they can live comfortably yet still enjoy the same neighborhood experience that they had when they were growing up. They consider home as a sanctuary, or a place to de-stress.

This need is sure to be fully satisfied by the resort-style amenities and open spaces that will define the charming character of Stellar Place. A lush and invigorating experience just outside their unit awaits residents, with garden atriums that provide green open spaces and refreshing water elements even inside the buildings, bringing a pitch-perfect balance that soothes and reinvigorates.

Inside the condo community, a wide variety of amenities provides recreation and leisure to satisfy the contemporary requirements of residents. Various outdoor amenities, such as the children’s pool, the lap pool, the courtyard, and impeccably landscaped walkways, serve to enhance the resort experience for its residents. The indoor amenities, which can be found at the high-rise building, include several lifestyle offerings such as a fitness gym, a game room, an audio-visual room, a multi-purpose hall, and an impressive Sky Lounge which is housed at The Observatory, a roof deck garden that provides unobstructed skyline views for residents.

DMCI Homes is the country’s premier triple A builder-developer that brings serviced, themed communities within reach of urban families who once had limited residential options, but still aspire to achieve a comfortable, enriching quality of life proximate to their place of interest.

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